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Étiquette : ReQueered Tales

Nous étions l’histoire en marche

Synopsis « Nous étions l’Histoire en marche » raconte la relation tumultueuse de deux cousins qui traversent l’histoire de l’Amérique de l’après-guerre jusqu’à nos jours, leur enfance

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Onyx (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Ray Henriques has success, love, friendship … but lately it’s not enough. Yet it’s not just Ray who is on a quest for deeper

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Love You To Death (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and everyone has a sweetheart, except Stan Kraychik, Boston’s sassiest hairdresser. Ever hopeful of meeting Mr. Right, Stan attends

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Couverture de "The Black Marble Pool"

The Black Marble Pool (de ParisDude)

Synopsis When you first notice it, something seems a bit unusual. Then it occurs to you that most, if not all, of the pools you’ve

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A Body To Dye For (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Stan Kraychik is a hairdresser in Boston, leading a successful hairdresser’s life. Successful hairdressers’ lives vary widely but they usually have one thing in

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Couvterture de "Steam"

Steam (de ParisDude)

Synopsis San Francisco was once a city of music and laughter, of parties and bathhouses, when days held promise and nights, romance. But now something

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