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Body at Buccaneer’s Bay (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Dead Men Tell No Tales Mystery Bookshop owner Ellery Page and Police Chief Jack Carson are diving for the legendary sunken pirate galleon Blood Red

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Come Unto These Yellow Sands (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Once a bad boy, the only lines Professor Sebastian Swift does these days are Browning, Frost and Cummings. When a student he helped to

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Bell, Book, and Scandal (par ParisDude)

Synopsis Black Cats. Black Arts. Black. Mail. Must a witch break his vows to save his marriage? Cosmo Saville has never been happier. His adored

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Scandal at the Salty Dog (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Mystery Stalks the Cobbled Streets of Pirate’s Cove Who or what is haunting elderly recluse Juliet Blackwell, what does it have to do with

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Mystery at the Masquerade (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Love is in the Salt Sea Air–and so is Murder! Ellery Page, aspiring screenwriter, reigning Scrabble champion, and occasionally clueless owner of the village’s

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Couverture de "Secret at Skull House" de Josh Lanyon

Secret at Skull House (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Ellery Page is back–and in hot water again! Unlike everyone else in Pirate’s Cove, Ellery Page, aspiring screenwriter, reigning Scrabble champion, and occasionally clueless

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Josh Lanyon, "Murder at Pirate's Cove"

Murder at Pirate’s Cove (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Ellery Page, aspiring screenwriter, Scrabble champion and guy-with-worst-luck-in-the-world-when-it-comes-to-dating, is ready to make a change. So when he learns he’s inherited both a failing bookstore

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I Buried a Witch (de ParisDude)

Synopsis Something old, something new, something borrowed…something blacker than the darkest night. Cosmo Saville adores his new husband but his little white lies—and some very

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Mainly by Moonlight (de ParisDude)

Synopsis A gay high-society wedding. A stolen book of spells. A love-threatening lie. Can a witch avoid a murder rap without revealing the supernatural truth?

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Couverture de "The Monuments Men Murders"

The Monuments Men Murders

Synopsis Someone is watching. Someone is waiting. Despite having attracted the attention of a dangerous stalker, Special Agent Jason West is doing his best to

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